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United Computer Intelligence Corporation Ubi

Ubi is a $299 voice-control gadget designed to integrate seamlessly into your SmartThings- and Belkin WeMo-connected smart home.

By October 15, 2014

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Facebook paid £4,327 in UK corporate tax in 2014

The social network's UK branch paid less in corporation tax than the country's average worker pays in income tax, following a trend of Silicon Valley behemoths avoiding the taxman.

By October 13, 2015


Uber aims to appeal to corporate customers with 'Business Profiles'

The ride-hailing company expands its Uber for Business feature by letting customers toggle between personal and work-related rides.

By September 14, 2015


How corporate fears of hacks just created Silicon Valley's newest $1 billion startup

Okta receives a $75 million investment, the latest sign companies are scrambling for cybersecurity software that can prevent them from becoming the next Ashley Madison, Sony or Target.

By September 8, 2015


Woz says Apple should pay 50% tax 'the same way I do'

Apple's co-founder isn't cool with corporate tax strategies, including those of his former company.

By April 22, 2016


Apple Pay now supports American Express corporate credit cards

The move paves the way for the corporate crowd to use Apple Pay for business expenses.

By August 10, 2015


Apple's first 40 years: An oral history from inside the loop

Alums Alan Kay, Andy Hertzfeld, Debi Coleman, John Sculley and others share memories for Apple's 40th anniversary. Spoiler: Bill Gates had a bigger role in Apple's success than even he may know.

By April 1, 2016


The 12 best experiences you can have on the Oculus Rift

Did you just buy an Oculus Rift headset? Here are the launch titles we like best.

By March 28, 2016


Disney, Marvel threaten Georgia filming boycott over 'antigay' bill

Walt Disney Studios says it will move its productions elsewhere if a Georgia bill many perceive as antigay is signed into law.

By March 23, 2016


Apple hopes smaller iPad Pro will get you excited about tablets again

The iPhone maker is trying hard to make people fall in love with the iPad again. Its latest attempt: Let them do more things with it, in a smaller package.

By March 21, 2016