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A Google for green building products

You could use better insulation in the den, and may we suggest something?

By May 15, 2007


Tech manufacturers rally against Net neutrality

Makers of networking hardware, applications urge Congress to hold off on regulations they say could disrupt the way the Internet works.

By September 19, 2006


Commentary: Big changes for NetWeaver

Despite SAP's platform adjustment plans, customers should expect to see few near-term changes, as the company joins the integreation and infrastructure software market.

March 5, 2004


Commentary: Making manufacturing flexible

By 2008, companies will connect physical shop-floor assets to enterprise applications using "X Internet" technologies that sense, analyze and control events in the physical world.

April 9, 2003


The future of fiber

The capital markets may be skeptical, but physics is on the side of optical technology, says Corning Optical Communications President Wendell Weeks in a conversation with the McKinsey Quarterly.

March 17, 2002


Learning from high-tech deals

If mergers and acquisitions are so unproductive, as many studies show, why are the most successful high-tech companies the most prolific dealmakers? McKinsey looks at these companies' success.

February 17, 2002


Let's make a deal

Many studies show that mergers destroy value for the acquiring company. But despite the odds, McKinsey experts say, the most successful high-tech companies happen to be active deal makers.

January 22, 2002