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Standards leader blasts HTML5 video copy protection

Ian Hickson, editor of the HTML standard, declares that a DRM Web video from Microsoft, Google, and Netflix would be unethical and ineffectual.

By February 24, 2012


Does RealDVD sidestep copy protections?

Court case appears to be hanging on that central question. U.S. District Judge Marilyn Patel, known to some as the "Napster judge," is expected to hear more testimony Tuesday.

By April 27, 2009


Firefox OS in flux as Mozilla loses technology chief to startup

Andreas Gal, co-founder of Mozilla's mobile OS project, joins others from the project in a startup to link new devices to the Net. It's part of big changes coming to Firefox OS.

By June 5, 2015


TiVo and JVC copy-protection follow-up

Last fall, we encountered problems when connecting the TiVo Series3 DVR to a JVC A/V receiver. Now, both companies have followed up on the problem.

By February 23, 2007


A DVD copy protection is overcome by hackers

A loose-knit coalition of hackers around the world defeats the antipiracy software protecting several high-resolution movies.

January 16, 2007


Build your own home media center: Customising Kodi

Want to build one PC to rule all your living room media needs? In part two of our guide, we go hands-on with media software Kodi, taking you through Blu-ray functionality, media management and customisation.

By February 2, 2015


New and Noteworthy: iPod Copy Protection Cracked; ExtremeTech: Firefox developers not scared of Internet Explorer 7; more

New and Noteworthy: iPod Copy Protection Cracked; ExtremeTech: Firefox developers not scared of Internet Explorer 7; more

By October 24, 2006


HTML5 is done, but two groups still wrestle over Web's future

The World Wide Web Consortium finishes an update to this seminal Internet technology, but with two organizations in charge of the same Web standard, charting the Web's future is a mess.

By October 28, 2014


In Chrome, Google's Hangouts plugin goes extinct

Moving toward Web standards reduces the inconvenience and security problems of browser plugins. But the new Hangouts software still uses Google's own Native Client plugin.

By June 30, 2014


Chrome a bit less secret as PDF reader goes open-source

The software Google's browser uses to show PDF files has been proprietary for years, but now it's an open-source project called PDFium that others can scrutinize or use themselves.

By June 11, 2014