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Caption this: Google's giant I/O robot hand

A massive hydraulic arm wowed the crowd at a Google I/O party Wednesday night. But the poor robotic appendage really needs a good caption. Can you lend us a hand, readers?

By May 16, 2013


A very early review of iPhone OS 3.0

CNET offers its first impressions on the iPhone OS 3.0, which offers multimedia messaging and cut and paste.

By March 27, 2009


One ISP says RIAA must pay for piracy protection

Owner of a small Louisiana ISP says he can't afford to be "HBO's free" copyright cop. Big media should compensate ISPs for tracking down suspected file sharers.

By December 22, 2008


Report from cop who slammed bicyclist posted online

The Smoking Gun, an online news site, posts report from New York City policeman who said he was knocked down by bicyclist after warning the rider to stop riding recklessly. That's not what the scene looks like on YouTube.

By July 30, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 750: 7 deadly spams

Why "your stupid face" works to get you to install malware, why eBay just flat out isn't for small sellers anymore, and why you shouldn't trust your IT guy...or at least not one in three of them.

By June 20, 2008


DRM: it's like those zombie movies

No matter how many times the content owners wish it worked, DRM has a fundamental technical flaw: you have to give the key to the person you're trying to lock out! Microsoft gets this, even if the RIAA doesn't.

By May 8, 2008


If you thought software patents were bad...

Glaskowsky summarizes Greg Aharonian's Siggraph 2007 presentation on the patentability of movies and other creative works.

By August 11, 2007