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Coop and the H-1B pinata party

Reader reaction to a recent post make two things clear: Lots of folks treat the H-1B program as a convenient scapegoat-and most agree that I'm a clueless stooge.

By Dec. 14, 2008


The Coop brings social networking to Firefox

The Coop project from Firefox is an add-on that will let people share and received syndicated Web content like photos and links from friends.

By Apr. 4, 2007


Symantec 1, Coop 0

Why does service stink? I'll use Symantec as Exhibit A.

By Feb. 28, 2005


RIP, Flappy Bird. You were too addictive, creator says

Dong Nguyen, the developer of the crazily popular Flappy Bird app, confesses to Forbes why he decided to put the kibosh on his little birdie.

By Feb. 11, 2014


Flappy Bird flies again online, flies free of your phone

Flappy Bird flies again! The hugely popular flappy app has flown the coop from app stores but has taken wing online.

By Feb. 10, 2014


Filling the gaps: Microsoft contest locates new prime numbers

Prime numbers are endlessly fascinating to computing and math fans, and there's an infinite supply of them. A Microsoft contest succeeds in fleshing out the list of primes that aren't actually the largest.

By Apr. 1, 2014


Twitter platform director Ryan Sarver departing

Sarver was at Twitter for four years, and now leaves with no plans "but rest." Twitter has already posted a job listing as it searches for his replacement.

By May. 31, 2013


Yahoo opens doors to self-cooled data center

Yahoo to officially open data center in Lockport, N.Y., that uses "Chicken Coop" design to take advantage of prevailing winds and cool with outdoor air.

By Sep. 19, 2010


Another so-called viral marketing campaign... yawn

We view marketing campaigns with a great degree of skepticism, although we found a couple of things to like in Mini's new Hammer and Coop Web series.

By Feb. 21, 2007


Twitter diplomacy takes center stage

Twitter may not be able to easily monetize Twitter diplomacy, but it's emblematic of how much influence 140 characters and broadcasting across the Internet can have.

By Sep. 28, 2013