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Bring bluetooth connectivity to the cookout with the iGrill Mini

Bluetooth-enabled iGrill Mini packs a bunch of smart features into its tiny frame.

By February 21, 2014


A cookout with a campout

If you're planning on dining outside, the Food Tent can help make sure that you aren't sharing your meal with any bugs.

By August 28, 2009


Hot dog rotisserie begs for summer

The Electric Hot Dog Turner provides automatic operation for outdoor grills. The electric rollers make it easy to enjoy a backyard cookout.

By February 13, 2012


Take your griddle anywhere

If you want to have a cookout with anything that likes to fall into the grill, the La Plancha Cast-Iron Griddle can be a simple solution.

By June 25, 2010


Fanning the flames of outdoor cooking

The Cook-Air Portable BBQ Grill incorporates a fan in its base. The five-speed fan increases the rate of combustion.

By February 10, 2012


Solar thermometer has no need for batteries

The CDN DTS392 Solar Thermometer is easy and convenient to use indoors or out. A handy cheat sheet temperature guide is printed on the sheath.

By June 13, 2012


Shine a light on this grill fan

The Sharper Image BBQ Grill Light & Fan combines two outdoor grilling accessories into one. The gadget attaches easily to the hood of most grills.

By February 17, 2012


Grill how you want to

Complete with a rotisserie attachment, the Capital Precision Series 30-inch propane gas grill on cart is a versatile option for outdoor cooking. Available in three different sizes, the Precision Series offers something for everybody.

By July 22, 2010


Watch an asteroid fly-by this weekend

A space rock the size of a city block will make its closest pass by Earth while the Internet watches.

By July 20, 2012


Songza for iOS

While you can still get playlists by genre or artist, Songza's unique concept of assembling playlists according to your current activity makes it a great download for music lovers.

February 21, 2013

4 stars Editors' rating February 21, 2013

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