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LeapTV, a tiny game console for little kids, coming this fall for $149 with a bold controller (hands-on)

LeapFrog aims for the little-kid console market with LeapTV, adding motion controls and active gaming to its educationally-targeted entertainment philosophy. We got to try it out for a few minutes.

By July 15, 2014


Kids Mode and parental controls on the Galaxy S5

Let your kids access fun features and apps on your S5 while keeping you content locked away.

By April 25, 2014


Pocket money app PKTMNY lets you control your kid's card

PKTMNY lets you automatically top up a prepaid debit card for your kids, setting controls on what they can spend and where.

By November 14, 2012


We need the 'Control-a-Kid' remote

If only it were real.

By June 28, 2007


Biofeedback video game helps kids control anger

In RAGE Control, users with elevated heart rates lose the ability to shoot enemy spaceships and must calm down to get their game back on.

By October 25, 2012


Ambit Control spies on your kids' phones

Paranoid or protective? Ambit Control watches kids on mobiles.

By March 22, 2010


WiiWaa: Fun for kids, coma for animal controller

To play WiiWaa, the user bounces and shakes a stuffed monster around as the onscreen version moves in kind. It's a cute concept, but we feel kind of bad for the puppet who's forced to swallow a gadget and then get shaken into a coma.

By November 10, 2009


Parental control company sells data on what kids say

Although EchoMetrix CEO says they only report aggregate data not associated with individual kids, I still find it creepy.

By September 5, 2009


Kids camera disguised as a game controller

Polaroid's new camera for kids takes photos and plays games.

By March 25, 2008


How to use iOS parental controls

From explicit music to accidental in-app purchases, there's plenty to worry about when your kid takes control of the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Keep your children and your pocketbook safer with these simple instructions.

By March 24, 2011