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Adobe gives bloggers a way to Contribute

Adobe gives bloggers a way to Contribute

By October 5, 2006


MapLight.org shines light on intersection of donations and votes

A non-prof mashup of campaign contributions and California legislators' voting records.

By April 18, 2007


Google offers its own changes to MySQL

Google offers its own MySQL modifications for public use and hopes the open-source database project will adopt them.

By April 24, 2007


Citizendium: Wikipedia 2.0

Citizendium is just like Wikipedia, but in a members-only kind of way we're not too keen on.

By March 26, 2007


Intuit kills the piggy bank

Quicken Kids & Money handles the ABCs of money management.

By March 5, 2007


'Nursebot' lends a helping, er, hand

Takes temperature through laser, thermal technologies

By February 19, 2007


Dell's Rollins steps down, Michael Dell back as CEO

blog Company founder takes back the helm as CEO resigns.

By January 31, 2007