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Gawker Media sells Consumerist blog

The blog, which is often an outlet for consumer complaints, will become a new division within the publisher of Consumer Reports.

By December 30, 2008


Black Friday: It's not just America

Black Friday offers now abound across the world. Everyone seems to be catching on to the joyous consumerist festivities around Thanksgiving.

By November 29, 2013


Where's your consumerist spirit?

Where's your consumerist spirit?

By September 22, 2005


EA, named America's worst company, tries to make amends

In an apparent biteback at EA's inconclusive ending to Mass Effect 3, voters at Consumerist declare that Electronic Arts is even worse than Bank of America. The company promises to release a new version of the game.

By April 8, 2012


Comcast to staff: Stop us being named worst company

Comcast last year was named Worst Company in America in a Consumerist poll. This year, it asks its own staff to vote in order to prevent it from happening again.

By March 28, 2011


Denial-of-service attack downed Gawker Media

The attack was launched at Consumerist, a blog that Gawker no longer owns but which is still hosted on the same servers.

By August 4, 2009


EA is the worst company in America again

EA has beaten the odds, taking out the less-than-coveted Golden Poo award two years in a row.

By April 9, 2013


EA fails to become this year's worst US company

In a surprising first round loss to Time Warner Cable, EA won't manage a three-peat of its difficult crown in the Consumerist's famed competition to find the worst of the worst.

By March 25, 2014


'Brandalism' rampage leaves subversive damage in its wake

Forty street artists wreak havoc on more than 365 ads in a matter of days. But why?

By May 21, 2014


Fitbit halts sale of Force fitness band, issues recall due to skin irritation

Owners of Fitbit's newest fitness band that have been experiencing skin issues are eligible for a full refund while a solution to the problem is reportedly in the works.

By February 21, 2014