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AT&T: Telecom consolidation 'logical,' inevitable

"I think it is logical to assume you're going to have two or three and certainly not six and seven competitors in any marketplace," says AT&T CFO John Stephens.

By May. 30, 2012


Softbank-Sprint: U.S. wireless consolidation or just a land grab?

If Softbank takes a controlling stake in Sprint, it could finally trigger a long-expected realignment of the wireless industry. Or it might just net the Japanese company a whole lot of valuable spectrum.

By Oct. 11, 2012


More consolidation among major music labels?

Warner Music Group considers selling itself even while it continues to pursue an acquisition of EMI, moves made as music sales continue to fall.

By Jan. 20, 2011


A summer of industry consolidation

So much for business slowing down in the summer. Brocade, McAfee, and others are forking over cash in an effort to scale up.

By Aug. 4, 2008


Fiorina: More consolidation ahead

At an event celebrating HP's merger with Compaq, CEO Carly Fiorina warns that the days of rapid growth in the tech industry are gone.

Nov. 1, 2007


Odds and Ends: iTunes 3 Library Consolidation; QuickTime

Odds and Ends: iTunes 3 Library Consolidation; QuickTime

By Jul. 29, 2002


Get ready for the next wave of consolidation

In times of economic distress, companies with the stronger balance sheets are like sharks in the water, seeking to gain market share through acquisition or attrition.

By Sep. 21, 2008


Does open source need consolidation?

Is open source unnecessarily reinventing too many wheels?

By Aug. 26, 2008


Database security and industry consolidation

Databases need better protection, and the next cycle of takeovers will see some major firms acquire database-security specialists.

By Sep. 11, 2007


Encryption consolidation may benefit the industry

nCipher's acquisition of NeoScale could be basic industry consolidation, but the impact could reach further.

By Dec. 11, 2007