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Twig Lightning Connector

The bendable iPhone connector and successful Kickstarter project will come in an iPhone 5 version later this year.

January 10, 2013

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After USB 3.1's new connector, comes Thunderbolt 3's

Thunderbolt 3 is coming with a smaller connector -- but not for a while. It's tied to Intel's Skylake chips, and those aren't due until 2015.

By April 22, 2014


Magnetic-toy company expanding to electronics connector

At CES 2014, Nano Magnetics will announce Nanoport, a magnetic connector it says will be useful for adding a new type of connection to electronic devices and appliances.

By January 3, 2014


With new USB connector, no more wrong-way-up cables

A major revamp of the ports and cables of the ubiquitous connection technology will make USB connectors reversible, slimmer, and better at transmitting data and power.

By December 4, 2013


Jabra EarBoom w/ Universal 2.5mm Connectors

Fairly light and comfortable, the EarBoom offers respectable sound quality in a relatively unobtrusive package.

October 24, 2001

3.5 stars Editors' rating October 24, 2001

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Apple wins critical SIM connector patent

The company received a patent that allows SIM cards to be easily swapped into devices such as smartphones or tablets. It may be a handy weapon given recent battles over SIM card standards.

By December 26, 2012


Leaked photos of alleged dock connector point to iPad refresh

While most expect Apple to release an iPad Mini this week, photos surface of a purported iPad 4 Lightning dock connector.

By October 21, 2012


Knockoffs of Apple's Lightning connector may be on their way

Unauthorized accessory makers have figured out how to make connectors that work with Apple's new standard by cracking Lightning authentication chips, MacRumors reports. (Can lawsuits be far behind?)

By October 9, 2012


iExpander iPhone case adds SD, extra battery, 30-pin connector

Make your iPhone wishes come true with a case that doubles battery life, offers expandable SD card memory, improves the flash, and brings a 30-pin connector to the iPhone 5.

By October 11, 2012


Apple's Lightning connector and you: What you should know

If you're still not sure what Apple's new little connector is all about, here are some answers.

By September 19, 2012