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Volkswagen BUDD-e concept

The Volkswagen electric concept, the BUDD-e, is a super-connected van that can answer your front door, respond to your gestures and probably even make you a cup of coffee.

By January 5, 2016

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ID15 concept car interior: The future of not-driving

Autonomous driving will fundamentally change how we interact with the inside of our cars. Yanfeng Automotive Interiors is behind the interior technology in many of today's cars, and with the Innovation Demonstrator 2015 concept car (ID15) we got a sneak peek and just what they think is going to be the next big thing.

10 Images By May 2, 2016


LeSee is the first electric car concept from Faraday Future partner LeEco (pictures)

Debuting just ahead of the Beijing Auto Show, this car imagines life when the driver gives up the reins.

11 Images By April 21, 2016


LeEco's electric car is loads more sensible than anything from Faraday Future

The LeSee concept shows that at least one part of the Faraday Future brain trust is capable of rolling out a down-to-Earth electric vehicle.

By April 21, 2016


Volvo goes hella fancy with the S90 Excellence interior concept

This isn't an interior for the driver, it's an interior for the driven.

By April 26, 2016


Volvo's S90 Excellence interior concept is for the driven, not the driver (pictures)

As it did with the XC90, the Swedish (and also part Chinese) automaker is giving us a look at its next uber-fancy car, the S90 Excellence.

12 Images By April 26, 2016


Opel's GT Concept looks ready to take on the Mazda Miata, but will it get the chance?

Opel's GT Concept is a tiny powerhouse coupe that traces its roots back to GM's "baby Corvette."

By March 2, 2016


Gordon Murray's ultra-efficient Shell Concept Car does 89 mpg

89 miles per gallon from a car big enough to comfortably seat three? That's the idea behind the Shell Concept Car.

By April 22, 2016


The Subaru concept we won't ever see

The Subaru XV Concept is an absolute stunner. But if Subaru's track record is any indication, the production vehicle won't look anything like it.

By March 1, 2016


DS E-Tense concept a hot little electric two-seater (pictures)

French automaker DS brings a new concept to the Geneva auto show, an electric sports car with a unique design.

16 Images By March 1, 2016