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Comverge expands energy-efficiency software play

To cut peak-time power, the demand response company is moving beyond air conditioner controllers to handle electric vehicles and wireless thermostats.

By February 1, 2011


Survey: Timeline for smart-grid payoff unclear

Energy efficiency company Comverge finds little agreement on when benefits from the smart grid will be realized.

By March 31, 2010


Clean tech VCs putting money on solar, not IPOs

A survey of Silicon Valley investors points to their favored clean technologies and exit strategies.

By May 11, 2007


Report: Another biofuels company loses its CEO

Larry Gross is no longer CEO at AltraBiofuels, and so far there's no explanation for his departure. He's not the first former IT exec to leave an energy company in the past year.

By April 17, 2008


Future uncertain for in-home energy 'dashboards'

Green-tech firms have created a slew of gadgets to help people use energy more wisely at home. But consumer acceptance is another matter.

By February 3, 2011


Energy management software field gets crowded

Demand response software company EnerNoc launches a hosted application for managing corporate energy, an area analysts predict will grow rapidly next year.

By November 17, 2010


Another energy efficiency expert jumps in IPO

EnerNoc raise its IPO price, and investors still lap it up.

By May 18, 2007


Smart-grid outfit GridPoint raising money, running tests

Company is trying to raise more than $32 million in a fourth round of funding as it tests its smart-grid appliance with utility companies.

By September 14, 2007


How smart grid fought off U.S. heat wave

Grid operators called on demand response--or cutting back on power in multiple spots--and shed the equivalent of multiple power plants to manage peak demand during last week's heat wave.

By July 26, 2011