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Apple v. Samsung

The electronics titans square off in a tangled tale of mobile technology, centered on Apple's iPhone


Cyborgs to vie in Olympics for robot-assisted athletes

Get ready for the Cybathlon. The first Olympics for augmented humans will take place in Switzerland in 2016 and feature some of the top assistive gear around.

By March 27, 2014


A look into the mind-bending Google Glass of 2029

How far-fetched is it, really, to go from today's Google Glass to nanobots communicating between your brain and a Google cloud that is indistinguishable from a human?

By August 15, 2013


Apple tech would help disabled use iOS devices

Company files a patent application that outlines a way to connect accessories to touch-screen devices.

By September 4, 2011


U.S. grad students create app to diagnose malaria

Team "LifeLens" writes a program that analyzes photos of blood samples taken by the microscopic camera in a Samsung Focus running on Windows 7.

By April 12, 2011


HAL-5: The exoskeleton robot 'to suit you'

Just two days before the largest earthquake in Japan's recorded history, Cyberdyne showed off its new Hal-5 suit at the inaugural International Forum on Cybernics 2011 in Tokyo.

By March 15, 2011


Study to test human ability to control robotics with the mind

University researchers win DARPA funding to test a tiny, 10x10 array of electrodes implanted on the brain to help move robotic arms.

By February 17, 2011


Sniff-activated system drives wheelchairs

A system out of Israel lets the severely disabled navigate wheelchairs, surf the Net, or communicate with others via a pattern of inhalations and exhalations.

By July 27, 2010


Adobe Reader to block attacks with sandbox tech

Security experts say the additional layer of protection will make it much harder for attacks against Adobe Reader to do damage.

By July 20, 2010


iTunes to be more accessible to the blind

Apple reaches a deal with the Massachusetts attorney general and National Federation of the Blind to adapt the music app and site for screen access software.

By September 28, 2008


The exoskeleton in MIT's closet

The contraption from the Biomechatronics Group carries the better part of an 80-pound load, but you'll walk funny.

By September 20, 2007