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Google: Compute Engine now ready for prime time

A leading force in data center operations opens its doors to outside customers' computing needs. It's got a ways to go to catch up to Amazon, though.

By Dec. 3, 2013


Google boosts customer access, functionality of Compute Engine

With a little more than a month to go before Google I/O, Google spruces up its virtual machine and lowers prices.

By Apr. 4, 2013


Facebook contributes 'Group Hug' motherboard spec to Open Compute Project

Hug it out! A new motherboard specification designed by Facebook brings chipmakers together.

By Jan. 16, 2013


'Compute efficiency' and cloud computing

Cloud computing is all about reducing costs and increasing efficiency, right? A 19th century economist might disagree--and "compute efficiency" may someday be as important to achieve as energy efficiency.

By Jan. 24, 2011


Why a Moore's Law for green tech doesn't compute

Saying we need a Moore's Law for green tech can be an aspirational goal but don't expect our energy system to change as fast as your computer processor.

By Dec. 7, 2010


What integrated compute stacks mean for storage professionals

EMC and Cisco have Vblocks. HP has Consolidated Infrastructure. Is the world changing for enterprise IT storage professionals?

By Nov. 6, 2009


Calculator-camera: Does not compute

We can't find a single justification for it.

By Oct. 2, 2007


Compute your way to better health

MIT students modified an exercise bike so it can power your laptop.

By Nov. 14, 2007


IBM, Harvard tap compute cloud for solar research

A grid computing project led by Harvard will seek to analyze the properties of organic materials that can be used for making cheap solar cells that make electricity.

By Dec. 7, 2008


Does not compute: The 10 most annoying kid + robot team-ups

Robots are awesome. Yet pair them up with a kid and you create something brain-meltingly irritating. We've picked 10 of the most annoying bowl-headed moppets and their frustrating robot chums

By Apr. 21, 2008