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Facebook is the new Compuserve

Facebook is useful in its ability to help create conversations, but it's potentially dangerous in the stranglehold it maintains on those conversations, just like Compuserve of old.

By December 14, 2009


CompuServe Classic laid to rest

AOL has shut down the historic Internet access service, which got millions on the Internet for the first time in the 1980s and 1990s but has grown obsolete.

By July 6, 2009


Dot-com pioneers--where are they now?

From CompuServe to Pets.com, we take a look at some of the movers and shakers from the 1990s to see how they've fared.

By February 1, 2008


Netscape, not IE, put on new CompuServe

America Online fires the first shot in what may signal the rekindling of a Web browser war against Microsoft. The move could further divide their tenuous partnership.

By April 16, 2002


Google turns up on CompuServe search

The America Online subsidiary quietly adds Google's paid search results to its Web site at a time when it is renegotiating a contract with rival Overture Services.

By March 25, 2002


AOL opens up more ad space

A partnership with ad network Sprinks will place text promo links on AOL properties including Netscape and CompuServe pages--moving AOL beyond Web search ads.

By June 2, 2003


New CompuServe may ship without IE

AOL Time Warner confirms Gecko sightings in test versions of CompuServe 7, a sign that the technology could replace Internet Explorer as the online service's default Web browser.

By October 18, 2001


AOL pairs sites with H&R Block services

America Online has begun linking to H&R Block's tax preparation service through its network of sites, the companies announced Wednesday. Users of AOL's proprietary service, as well as users of Netscape, CompuServe and AOL.com Web sites, can access H&R Block's services through co-branded sites. H&R Block is offering a range of online tax preparation services through the sites, including do-it-yourself online tax forms, professional review of taxpayer prepared forms, and professional tax preparation. The co-branded tax preparation sites are part of a multiyear agreement that AOL Time Warner and H&R Block announced in August.

March 6, 2002


AOL overhauls its auto channel

America Online has rebuilt its auto channel, which features content from Autofusion, Consumer Reports and Edmunds.com. The service includes a "local resources" center with links to local dealers, a car comparison guide, message boards, chat rooms and resources for anyone trying to sell a car. Through a deal with Autofusion, which provides car-related e-commerce services, a "Build-A-Car" section lets people research and compare specific cars. The service also offers information from buying guide Consumer Reports, such as articles and recommendations. The auto channel is available on the AOL flagship service as well as on Netscape, CompuServe and AOL.com. Dulles, Va.-based AOL is a subsidiary of AOL Time Warner.

August 20, 2001


AOL, GM extend advertising pact

AOL Time Warner's America Online unit and auto giant General Motors said Wednesday they have extended their marketing agreement. AOL will continue to promote GM cars and trucks across its network of online assets, which include Netscape.com, CompuServe, Digital City and its flagship AOL service. The companies will also promote GMBuyPower.com, which provides information about vehicle configuration, dealer inventory and other types of offers. AOL and GM originally announced their partnership in January 2000 on the same day that AOL and Time Warner announced their merger.

By June 13, 2001