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HP recalls 6M laptop power cords for 'fire and burn hazard'

Those power cords that connect to Compaq notebooks, mini notebook computers, and certain accessories can overheat and cause burns or property damage.

By August 26, 2014


The strange and inglorious history of tech boutique retailers

Samsung plans to put mini stores within all of Best Buy's stores in the next three months. Can it succeed where others have failed?

By April 3, 2013


Ahead of iPad Mini, Apple granted patent on original iPad

Apple has been awarded a patent for the design of its first iPad, something that comes some seven years after its other tablet patent.

By October 16, 2012


HP and Apple face-off: EliteBook vs. MacBook

As Hewlett-Packard considers its options for the PC business--the world's largest--it's a good time to take a look at one of the company's premier business laptops and compare it to the MacBook Air, Apple's premier notebook.

By September 25, 2011


Verizon ships 4G LTE-enabled Netbook

Verizon announces the availability of its first Netbook that has built-in support for 4G LTE.

By August 2, 2011


Compaq Mini 102

3 Images By January 5, 2010


CES: Verizon's 4G is more than just phones

Though Verizon's new 4G smartphones are getting the most attentions at CES 2011, the carrier also introduced two mobile hotspots and two Netbooks.

By January 7, 2011


CNET's back-to-school 2010 retail desktop and laptop review roundup

The latest wave of new back-to-school laptops and desktops for 2010 is here, and we've been scouring the shelves of big retail stores to find boxed versions of these popular PCs, from entry-level systems starting at $250 to massive $1,200 gaming monsters.

By July 9, 2010


Mini 102 and Mini 210, HP's new consumer Netbooks

We've always been more partial to the Netbooks put out by HP's business side, but budget-conscious buyers can get largely similar systems from HP's consumer side, with lower starting prices.

By January 5, 2010


Apple's iPad tablet touches a nerve in Redmond

Microsoft has been pursuing the notion of a tablet PC for a decade now, but its efforts have yet to produce a device most consumers want to carry.

By January 27, 2010