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GateWall MailSecurity

Protect corporate email from viruses, phishing, spam and other malicious messages.

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Axigen Business Messaging

Get an integrated e-mail, calendaring & collaboration platform for your business.

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UserGate Mail Server

Provide email management and security for SMB with built-in antispam and antivirus.

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Only you can prevent phishing attacks

All the security software in the world can't put malware purveyors out of business. The weak link in any computer security scheme is the gray matter positioned between the monitor and the keyboard. Use it or lose.

By October 10, 2011


Report: Adobe Reader, IE top vulnerability list

New M86 Security Labs report says holes in Adobe Reader and Internet Explorer are targeted most by attackers.

By July 14, 2010


Elections spice up spam

Presidential vote proves a popular theme for junk e-mail, as U.S. holds onto its spot as top spam producer.

By November 15, 2004


Study: Five countries send 99 percent of spam

A half-yearly analysis shows the United States is the source of more than half of all spam.

By June 30, 2004


Brightmail tackles zombies

Antispam vendor releases new version of software to try to keep zombie PCs at bay.

By July 1, 2004


Microsoft-Commtouch deal endorses online messaging

With its investment in email and messaging software firm Commtouch Software, Microsoft is hedging its bets against Web offerings that could eat into its core software business.

By December 30, 1999


Commtouch to offer select MSN services

Microsoft agrees to have Commtouch Software handle some of its Microsoft Network online services, including its Web-based email and instant messaging.

By October 27, 1999


Short Take: Commtouch to offer unified messaging

Web email service provider Commtouch Software now offers unified messaging, or the ability to check email, faxes, and voice mail messages from the Net. Users can also check their email messages by phone. Commtouch, which offers free email service, plans to charge for the unified messaging features, from $12.50 a month to $29.95 a year.

March 23, 1999


Phone.com buy may signal future universal messaging deals

The wireless Internet software maker acquires start-up Onebox.com for $850 million, potentially marking the beginning of a consolidation among a variety of communications companies.

February 14, 2000


Microsoft takes stake in messaging services provider

The software giant takes an equity stake in Commtouch Software, a provider of outsourced email and messaging services.

December 30, 1999