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Smartphone commoditization is here. So what now?

Lots of good phones at about the same price with about the same features. Find out why cost may be the next big thing in smartphone innovation.

By November 26, 2013


Samsung's Galaxy S5 event at MWC 2014: Join us Monday (live blog)

The Korean electronics giant will show off its newest smartphone as well as a new Gear smartwatch and other items at an event in Barcelona, Spain, at 8 p.m. local time.

By February 20, 2014


Samsung to debut Gear 2 smartwatch with Tizen, not Android

The Korean electronics giant will use the wearable device to push its own software and services instead of those from Google.

By February 18, 2014


Samsung said to scale back its own Android apps on Google's request

A report from Recode says the relationship between the two companies has gone through "a huge change" over the past few weeks.

By January 29, 2014


Kaz Hirai on Sony's big 2014 plans: CEO talks online TV service, 4K TV, and wearables

CNET was among a group of select journalists who sat down with Sony President and CEO Kazuo Hirai at CES 2014.

By January 7, 2014


Analyst: Expect tablet market to commoditize

Tablets costing $300 are likely to emerge in 2012 with the arrival of cheaper screens as well as PC makers, Richard Windsor predicts. Also: No mid-range iPhone for at least a year.

By June 9, 2011


Android dominated smart devices in Q1, says Canalys

Android had a wide lead over Apple in smart mobile devices, according to Canalys' first-quarter figures.

By May 9, 2013


iPhone margin twice that of Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900 components cost $20 more per device than those in Apple's iPhone 4S. But Nokia's device sells for $200 less. If you're betting on margins, don't hold your breath.

By June 1, 2012


Look for the smartphone's future in the PC's past

Google's Android chief says the OS wasn't built to change the dynamics of the smartphone industry. The history of the tech biz suggests a different narrative.

By February 27, 2012


Startup aims to cover your underwear subscription needs

Los Angeles-based startup MeUndies.com arrives online with subscription service for designer underwear.

By February 9, 2012