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Iron Throne toilet lets you rule the bathroom

The Iron Throne toilet isn't forged from the commodes of your conquered foes, but it does replicate the look of the king's chair from "Game of Thrones."

By April 13, 2015


Dell's XPS One 2710 rises above the commodity PC crop

The high resolution, 27-inch Dell XPS One 2710 is faster than the current high-end iMac, and has the same pixel-dense display.

By June 22, 2012


Cloud computing and 'commodity'

Much has been touted about cloud computing's effects on the commoditization (and commodification) of IT resources and services. However, what the effects of that process would look like to the end user may not be what you think.

By February 17, 2010


SolarCity: Solar financing to become a commodity

Leases that cut the big upfront cost of solar-panel installation will become commonplace, argues SolarCity CEO. The company is betting on a high-tech, integrated approach to stand out.

By September 27, 2010


Hypervisors are not commodities

Hypervisors for server virtualization are being acquired today in two distinctly different ways.

By March 2, 2010


Oracle-Sun versus commodity hardware

Can Oracle-Sun be successful in an age of "good enough" hardware? Or will the company pull the ripcord on the hardware business in the near future?

By January 31, 2010


Is Blu-ray becoming a commodity?--Ask the Editors

A reader writes in asking if Blu-ray is becoming a commodity, and while CNET doesn't think Blu-ray is there yet, it won't be long until it is.

By December 8, 2008


Utility, commodity: IT to follow electricity?

Sun President Jonathan Schwartz says there are telling parallels between the rise of the electricity and technology industries.

March 11, 2005


From oddity to commodity

Which of these tech companies would you put your money behind? CNET News.com's Michael Kanellos explores consumer unpredictability.

By March 9, 2005