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Microsoft's first Windows 8 TV spot: Love it or 8 it

Microsoft's first tease for its forthcoming Windows 8 extravaganza is a noisy, cheery, dynamic little thing.

By October 14, 2012


First Samsung Galaxy Note ad goes live

The first Samsung Galaxy Note advert is here, showing off the phone/tablet/phablet in all its glory. Is the stylus making a comeback?

By October 25, 2011


Report: Uninterruptible power supply poised for growth

Pike Research predicts UPS will grow from a $3.4 billion worldwide industry in 2011 to a $4.8 billion industry in 2016, perhaps making blackouts or power surges a thing of the past.

By July 7, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 957: Tweetza Hut!!!!

One of our listeners is upset that Pizza Hut is hiring interns to Twitter for them. We try to show the difference between astroturfing on blogs and hiring someone to Twitter legitimately.

By April 21, 2009


$15 to check a bag, but free to charge an iPod

United Airlines becomes the first domestic carrier to implement a partnership with Apple that brings iPod and iPhone connectivity to select planes' in-flight entertainment systems.

By June 16, 2008


Photos: DigitalGlobe gets up close with satellite photos

DigitalGlobe, which provides satellite images for commerical use, released the first photos from WorldView-1 which show objects that are less than a meter.

By October 15, 2007


Free unlock/unbrick for iPhone 1.1.1 on the way

Free unlock/unbrick for iPhone 1.1.1 on the way

By October 12, 2007


Dot-commers 2.0

Speakers and executives schmooze during the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco.

October 7, 2004


Group urges FTC to put stop to buzz marketing

Group asks for investigation into what it calls the "deceptive" practices of word-of-mouth and buzz-marketing firms.

By October 19, 2005