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Commence the smartening of your dorm or college apartment

Add some innovation to your college living experience.

8 Images By July 19, 2015


YouTube's comment cleanup commences

Video site says goodbye to chronological comment threads and hello to sorted comments based on popular posters and friends in Google+ circles.

By November 6, 2013


Tim Cook encourages new grads to change the world

Apple's CEO uses commencement speech to relay societal changes he's witnessed during his lifetime and discuss changes still possible.

By May 17, 2015


iOS 4.3.3 jailbroken, let the iPhone unlocking commence!

Apple's iOS 4.3.3 has already been cracked open, and it was easier than expected.

By May 6, 2011


Romney uses targeted Google ads to tweak Obama

GOP operatives buy Internet ads targeted at people living near Barnard using Google to find more about Obama commencement speech today.

By May 14, 2012


Steve Jobs' big lesson: 'Stay hungry. Stay foolish'

Steve Jobs' 2005 commencement speech at Stanford says a lot about his life and the "great change agent" known as death.

By October 5, 2011


Obama: iPod, iPad don't empower

In a commencement speech at Virginia's Hampton University, the president offers that gadgets turn information into a distraction. He also says he doesn't know how to use an iPod, iPad, Xbox, or PlayStation.

By May 9, 2010


Flickr upgrades slide shows, commence eye candy

Flickr re-does its slide show feature for the better.

By May 7, 2007


Gates heads back to Harvard

blog The Ivy League school by the Charles River taps its most famous dropout to be the principal speaker at this year's commencement.

By March 23, 2007


Never too young for a copyright lesson

At sixth-grade commencement, U.S. patent office director expected to lecture children in Utah about ills of illegal file trading.

By May 23, 2005