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PlayStation exec 'extremely comfortable' with PlayStation VR price

Early preorders have exceeded Sony's expectations, executive says.

By March 24, 2016


Dry your comforters faster with these two everyday items

These easy tips will get your comforter dry quicker, and it'll be extra snuggly to boot.

By April 22, 2016


Mini Clubman All4 adds AWD safety to comfort (pictures)

Since the new Clubman debuted late last year, there's no need to change anything here. All that's new is the inclusion of two additional driven wheels.

9 Images By March 22, 2016


Spec up the perfect car from the comfort of your phone (pictures)

We designed our own personal Fiat 500, using a cool augmented reality app that lets you walk around your ideal virtual car before you buy it.

10 Images By February 23, 2016


Sound unbound: Hifiman Edition X headphones doesn't confine sound between your ears

The Audiophiliac spends some quality time with the new Hifiman Edition X headphones.

By February 10, 2016


Secretlab Omega chair lets you game in comfort (pictures)

The Omega is a highly adjustable ergonomic gaming chair from Singapore that comes with an affordable price tag.

11 Images By October 15, 2015


Toshiba's Radius 12 is a stunning hybrid laptop with some comfort issues

It seems speedy and it has a beautiful screen, but the Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 might not be worth your money. CNET's Sean Hollister goes hands-on.

By October 13, 2015


Infiniti QX50 stretches for rear-seat comfort (pictures)

Pumping new life into its old QX50 model, Infiniti lengthens the body, applying all that extra space to rear seat legroom and longer doors.

18 Images By September 28, 2015


Don't get comfortable. Everything changes.

Silicon Valley is a place where new ideas, seemingly impossible ideas, come to life over and over again. And that's why it remains a draw for so many innovators.

By July 17, 2015


Learn how to make lava in the comfort of your own home

An artist and a geologist team up to create a homemade volcano that produces molten lava -- in the name of art, science and being totally frickin' awesome.

By June 26, 2015