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See a colorblind man watching a sunset in full color for the first time

Aaron Williams-Mele uses a pair of EnChroma corrective glasses to see the world in full color for the first time. It's so moving you'll forgive him all the curse words he utters as the emotions start flowing.

By August 18, 2015


Being colorblind is tougher than you think. This tech colors my world

With the help of these special glasses, I can finally see more of what others see every day and feel a little less excluded.

By August 6, 2015


The wonderful world of color

Special glasses open up a whole new world for colorblind folks.

By August 6, 2015


Colorblind Assistant, can you help me? (eyes-on)

To color-blind CNET copy editor Jeff Sparkman, different shades look alike or just altogether wrong, which makes it hard to delineate colors on his monitor. Can this little program make things easier?

By April 18, 2012


DanKam smartphone app aids the color-blind

New smartphone app helps color-blind see red as, well, red.

By December 17, 2010


LCD monitor designed for the colorblind

Japan's Eizo creates monitor and system that uses shapes and patterns rather than color to indicate differences.

By November 26, 2007


Bringing color to the color-blind

Tenebraex's Peter Jones illuminates issues of night vision and color blindness in a data-driven world. Photos: Tenebraex tech for color blindness, night vision

By April 12, 2007


So much for a colorblind meritocracy

With the arrival of tougher economic times, CNET News.com's Mike Yamamoto finds a troubling harbinger in the news that racial tensions are bubbling to the surface in Silicon Valley.

By August 14, 2001