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color-changey things


Enough with the color-changey stuff already

Ambient orbs and Zen devices are getting on my nerves.

By November 13, 2006

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Next Big Thing

A new look at technology: not just what's coming, but what's staying.


Do you crave more illuminated party decorations?

The latest in color-changey LED things.

By March 14, 2007


Hello Kitty pirate cell phone charm: This is not a joke

Yes, this is real. Pinch me!

By May 8, 2007


They're shaped like 'fish.' They change colors. And they're speakers.

More color-changey things straight outta Hong Kong.

By January 23, 2007


Eco-design follows emerging 'UFO trend'

German lighting concept shaped like flying saucer.

By January 10, 2007