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Google I/O 2014

All the news from the annual Google I/O event, including the latest on Android.


Google buys Nest for £1.9bn to put apps in your home appliances

Google is spending £1.9bn to snap up Nest, a company that connects your home to the Internet.

By January 14, 2014


Astonishing hi-fi components, designed and built in Oregon

If the Coffman Labs G1-A stereo preamplifier sounds like it was designed by a physicist who also plays violin, well, it was!

By November 17, 2013


Google closes the book on Reader, announces July 1 sunset

The beloved service, which has suffered increasing neglect as the popularity of RSS declined, is going away.

By March 13, 2013


'Glanceable media' and the always-on paradox

Why don't consumers use home displays like TVs, PCs, and tablets more often to follow information such as weather, sports and social-media updates? The NPD Group's Ross Rubin has some theories.

By May 7, 2012


Android prototype from 2006 is first Google phone

Feast your eyes on what might have been in Google's 2006 prototype for Android phones.

By April 26, 2012


Adobe revs Photoshop's engine (hands-on)

Along with the new features -- a few whizzy, the majority eminently practical -- the launch of Photoshop CS6 marks Adobe's first major step toward its revamping of the Creative Suite business.

By March 21, 2012


In the labs: Google Nexus One

Google's Nexus One is in the CNET Australia testing labs now. If you have any burning questions jump inside and let us know.

By January 17, 2010


Google I/O: Day 1 (live blog)

This is the place for live coverage of Google's Day 1 keynote address at Google I/O, starting Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. PDT.

By May 19, 2010


Google not nixing Nexus One event in Beijing

The company rebuts a report that it would skip China's capital on its smartphone road show, saying it had never planned an event there.

By February 24, 2010


Motorola Droid live review

CNET has the Motorola Droid in the house. Check out our live review as we poke and prod Verizon's first Android phone.

By October 28, 2009