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Biofuel firm Codexis opens at low end in IPO

Codexis, which produces enzymes and catalysts for biofuels and greener chemicals, raises $78 million as this year's first IPO of a U.S.-based green tech company.

By April 22, 2010


Shell extends biofuels deal with 'super enzyme' maker Codexis

Energy giant signs on for more development of designer liquid fuels that have similar characteristics to today's fuels but are cleaner.

By November 7, 2007


Shell ramps up cellulosic ethanol efforts

Deal with Codexis seeks to make cellulosic ethanol more commercially viable through better biocatalysts.

By March 11, 2009


New energy act to fuel flow of 'biogasoline'

Ethanol is currently the star of biofuels, but new mandates will spur development of synthetic biofuels that mimic fossil fuels, policy analyst says.

By January 14, 2008


While biofuels sputter, green chemicals attract cash

Biotech company Genomatica raises $15 million in venture funding to test the process of making industrial chemicals from sugar water.

By March 25, 2010


Green news harvest: Stolen solar panels, hydrogen at home

Tata to bring small, all-electric car to Norway next year; a banner years for wind power; a home hydrogen-filling station; comparing the presidential candidates on plug-in cars; a microbial fuel cell for developing world; tips on greening your PC.

By September 5, 2008


Sugar-to-diesel maker Amyris files for IPO

Eyeing Brazil, biotech company Amyris plans to raise $100 million to build facilities that convert cane sugar into replacements for petroleum-based fuels.

By April 19, 2010


Molecules for sale: Biofuel outfits bet on chemicals

Making industrial chemicals from plants is easier to crack into than the cut-rate world of transportation fuels for young green-tech companies seeking a commercial foothold.

By May 9, 2011


Green-tech venture investing cools off in 2009

Green tech is still attracting billions of dollars a year, but the amount of money has shrunk significantly as investors began to focus on start-ups with the most potential.

By December 30, 2009


Start-up says it's turning algae into gasoline

Sapphire Energy, which has raised $50 million, says it is making 91-octane "green crude oil" from algae that is the chemical equivalent of gasoline.

By May 29, 2008