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Heartbleed coder admits 'oversight' but backs open source

The programmer who inadvertently introduced the Heartbleed bug to the Internet on New Year's Eve 2011 reckons the fact it was eventually spotted proves the value of open source.

By Apr. 11, 2014


Mozilla coder: Chrome violates Google's own Blink principles

Programmer Robert O'Callahan says Google's Native Client technology contradicts laudable Web standards principles the Net giant laid out for Blink, its new browser engine project.

By May. 31, 2013


Sole female, minor coder wins hackathon with anti-spoiler app

17-year-old Jen Lamere won the grand prize for a Chrome app in her first solo coding competition.

By May. 8, 2013


Top Microsoft coder heads to Google

Brad Abrams heads from one computing powerhouse to another, saying he's focusing on the future.

By May. 5, 2010


Coder shows Firefox with multitouch Web apps

Firefox itself already has some support for multitouch gestures. A Mozilla programmer now is demonstrating multitouch Web apps within Firefox.

By Aug. 24, 2009


Red Hat coder moving to Mozilla

After nine years at Linux seller Red Hat, Christopher Blizzard will become an evangelist with the company behind the open-source Firefox Web browser.

By Oct. 26, 2007


Coder links Yahoo search, Google App Engine

A coder releases a library that lets programmers who want to use Yahoo's BOSS search services into a site running on Google App Engine.

By Aug. 4, 2008


Novell Linux coder heads to Google

Robert Love, a top Linux programmer, has left Novell for Google.

By May. 8, 2007


Microsoft Build keynote: Join us Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. PT (live blog)

Microsoft is kicking off its 2014 Build developer conference with a three-hour keynote extravaganza. New Windows? New phones? Xbox One surprises? Tune in to find out.

By Apr. 1, 2014