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DDoS brings down Destiny and CoD: Ghosts servers

The team responsible for last month's attack on the PSN and Battle.net has claimed responsibility for server crashes on the two games.

By September 21, 2014


CoD: Ghosts is PS4, Xbox One's best-selling, most-played game

Activision's bombastic manshooter is the top game on both next-gen consoles, according to sales stats and multiplayer data.

By November 27, 2013


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and the history of CoD in pictures

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is the latest in the successful shooter series. We look back over the history of CoD and Modern Warfare.

29 Images By November 13, 2012


New Xbox tipped to get exclusive game from COD bods

Call of Duty's original creators have been pegged as crafting an exclusive new game for the next-gen Xbox.

By April 30, 2013


MIT researchers create world's trickiest tongue twister

According to speech communication scientists from MIT, "pad kid poured curd pulled cod" is the most difficult phrase to spit out. Give it a try.

By December 9, 2013


Call of Duty: Black Ops reviews round-up: The best CoD yet?

Special forces shooting match Call of Duty: Black Ops is here. We round up the first reviews -- does the latest CoD rock reviewers like an RPG to the face, or is it as much of a disappointment as a misfiring M16?

By November 9, 2010


COD: Black Ops players fire for effect 87 min. a day

Call of Duty: Black Ops continues to be one of the most popular video games on the market. Activision offers up some stats to put it in perspective.

By December 27, 2010


Activision: COD multiplayer never behind pay wall

Although one analyst says Activision might eventually charge for access to Call of Duty multiplayer, exec says in an interview that it will never do such a thing.

By November 24, 2010


COD: Black Ops obliterates MW2 sales record

In its first five days of availability, Call of Duty: Black Ops grosses over $650 million worldwide. Sony says the game is generating "unprecedented traffic to the PlayStation network."

By November 18, 2010


COD: Black Ops preorders higher than MW2

Call of Duty: Black Ops is scheduled to hit store shelves next month, and already the game's preorders are higher than its predecessor's, GameStop says.

By October 8, 2010