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Google Doodle honors pioneer programmer Grace Hopper

The developer of COBOL, which allowed computers to handle words instead of just numbers, would have been 107 years old on Monday.

By December 9, 2013


Forget Twitter. COBOL is where it's at.

The most successful technology isn't always what the media is talking about or what Silicon Valley VCs are funding: it can be the boring old tech that makes the trains run on time.

By August 10, 2009


Conjuring software, then and now

roundup Before Java, mashups, Web 2.0 and other modern spins for developing applications, there was COBOL.

By December 8, 2006


100 years of Grace Hopper

Woman credited with establishing COBOL as the language of business would be pleased to know it still underpins applications.

By December 8, 2006


The great legacy skills debate

COBOL expert Mike Gilbert examines the looming skills gap between the legacy world and the newer worlds of Web services, Java and .Net.

July 22, 2005


Short Take: Merant releases Cobol for Red Hat

Merant has released Cobol programming tools for Red Hat Linux, the company said. Cobol is a decades-old programming language popular among businesses, but Merant wants existing customers to be able to more easily bring programs written in Cobol to newer hardware, the company said. Merant has licensed its software to every company in the Fortune 100, the company said.

By February 2, 2000


Y2K not employing retired programmers

Experts who thought the Year 2000 technology problem would pull legions of Cobol programmers out of retirement to fix the bug now say fewer retirees than expected have been hired to handle the millennium glitch.

August 13, 1999


Cobol programmers back in demand

Cobol programmers--whose skills had been labeled obsolete--are back in force thanks to the year 2000 bug afflicting many large corporations.

By November 11, 1996


CA ships another Y2K tool

The company says it has shipped CA-Fix/2000, a tool for updating COBOL-based business applications to recognize the year 2000.

By January 6, 1998


Seec automates 2000 bug fix

The development tool maker has released a tool that automates Year 2000 fixes in mainframe computer programs written in Cobol.

By October 16, 1997