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Courtney Love's daughter says Twitter should ban mom

Frances Bean Cobain issues a press release after her mother takes to Twitter to declare she will shoot former Nirvana member Dave Grohl. She accuses him of having unclean intentions toward her daughter.

By April 12, 2012


Findery annotates the secret life of the world around you

Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake has released a new augmented-reality location-discovery app that works like a crowd-sourced version of Google's Field Trip (now available in Australia).

By October 23, 2013


Relive the '90s with a Doc Martens USB drive

Remember those rubber-soled shoes you wore along with your flannel shirt? Now you can stick them in the side of your computer.

By August 16, 2010


Melvins, 'Nude With Boots': Free MP3 of the Day

The Melvins were original grunge scene stars, and latest LP "Nude With Boots" is a terrifically grimy, originalist effort. Download a free MP3 of "Nude With Boots" courtesy of CNET Download Music.

By July 14, 2008


Courtney Love bashes Guitar Hero on Twitter

Kurt Cobain's widow rails against the musician's avatar in a string of bizarre posts and then blocks her tweets from public view. Did she have change of heart?

By September 10, 2009


BOL 1061: It all started with a pumpkin scone

Natali has an internal Twitter dialogue about whether to let the world know that the last pumpkin scone has been sold. The Zune HD will only be available in the U.S., and Facebook launches a lite version of the site sans apps.

By September 11, 2009


Nintendo DS gets romantic

Harlequin Books becomes the first non-Japanese publisher to enjoy its books on the Nintendo DS. The interactive features seem certain to create a new experience in every home and love hotel.

By March 15, 2010


Nirvana bassist defends Bono's antipiracy stance

In blog post, Krist Novoselic, one of the founders of Nirvana, defends the antipiracy and file-sharing opinions of the U2 frontman.

By January 5, 2010


Finalists announced for Twitter star seance

The finalists for the Tweance, a seance via Twitter with selected dead celebrities, include some predictable corpses. But they also include William Shakespeare.

By October 27, 2009


The 'Tweance': Talk to dead stars on Twitter

Just in time for Halloween, a brilliant psychic is holding a Tweance. On October 30, you will be able to tweet your favorite dead stars. And they may just tweet back.

By October 12, 2009