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A waterproof phone coating you won't believe

This up-and-coming waterproof tech from P2i makes your mobile dunk-proof, without any design sacrifices.

By Feb. 24, 2014


This superhydrophobic coating is truly stunning

After reading this article, prepare to say to yourself, "I'm living in the future."

By Nov. 11, 2011


Rumor: Apple to include ITO coating on iPad Mini

Despite no official word that Apple will be releasing an iPad Mini, rumors still abound in regard to its features, one of which may be an ITO coating.

By Aug. 16, 2012


Eizo FlexScan T2351W-L review: Anti-glare coating gets the shaft

The Eizo FlexScan T2351W-L doesn't flex. Nor does it scan. You should check out the review anyway.

By Jul. 10, 2011


iPhone 3GS oleophobic coating wearing off?

Various sources are reporting about user complaints that the iPhone 3GS oleophobic screen coating is wearing off.

By Jul. 7, 2009


Improving solar efficiency by coating cells

Australian start-up claims it can improve solar cell power output by 3 percent to 4 percent through its glass-coating technology.

By Jul. 16, 2008


New iPhone gets fingerprint-resistant coating

Neat freaks rejoice. The new iPhone 3G S multitouch screen has an oil-repellent coating.

By Jun. 10, 2009


Candy Coating leads to App Store acceptance

Interface overhaul redeems "DopeWars" game.

By Jan. 21, 2009


iPod nano scratches (#2): Why the black model is more susceptible; Coating solutions

iPod nano scratches (#2): Why the black model is more susceptible; Coating solutions

By Sep. 27, 2005


Spill a lot? NeverWet's ready to coat your gear

Waterproof and water-resistant products have nothing on NeverWet. The superhydrophobic coating, now available in stores, repels liquids like you've never seen before.

By Jun. 19, 2013