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Google's Android Wear team: We'll update early and often

The tech titan has "several" updates to the Android Wear OS coming by year's end, with the first due this week. Here's a hint of what to expect.

By September 2, 2014


'Star Trek' style teleportation might be possible, says physicist

Scientists achieve reliable quantum teleportation for the first time with tiny bits of data. Will you be sent next?

By May 30, 2014


Can wireless networks support the promise of the 'cloud'?

Google, Apple, and Amazon are introducing new cloud-based services, but will it be too much for the wireless networks connecting users to the content?

By June 9, 2011


Yankees ban iPad

The New York Yankees, unlike the TSA, decide that the iPad is a laptop and ban Apple's new machine from entering its hallowed ground.

By May 23, 2010


Ballmer says Microsoft is different

CEO Steve Ballmer outlines what he believes makes Microsoft stand out from the competition.

By November 8, 2005


Microsoft heeds the call of wireless

The software giant teams up with AT&T Wireless to give Pocket PCs, Smartphones and laptops wireless entree behind the corporate firewall.

July 31, 2002