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CNN.com survives random outages

Outages or inflated response times could be result of planned anti-Western media attacks by nationalistic Chinese computer hackers.

By April 22, 2008


CNN honcho: Second screen? That's no way to watch TV

Second screens like tablets are a "hacked attempt" to bring social or community interaction to TV, says CNN.com's general manager. And today's set-top boxes? Very primitive.

By December 12, 2013


CNN's Jeff Zucker trades analog dollars for digital quarters

"The truth is digital and people consuming news and information from all of our digital assets, that's the most important thing for us," the CNN president said.

By July 23, 2013


Simple ways to enhance your Internet privacy

Fortify your browser, opt out of location tracking, and use a virtual private network to hide your IP address.

By June 21, 2013


Use MagicScroll Web Reader for a better reading experience

Check out a different way to scroll through long articles on the Web, making reading faster and easier on most sites.

By January 22, 2013


CNN turns to Zite for its real-time zeitgeist

Using tech from the service it bought last year, CNN will give readers a list of the current ten most-talked about stories, along with a variety of outside content on each subject.

By October 18, 2012


Game on! Obama, Romney debate to stream on Xbox Live

Microsoft's live gaming service will be showing tonight's first presidential debate and giving users the ability to answer polling questions and even submit their own.

By October 3, 2012


CNN.com slips ads into news slots

The online news site begins running paid links next to headlines, leading some media watchdogs to warn that readers could be fooled into mistaking ads for news stories.

By October 16, 2002


Microsoft: Google bypassed IE privacy settings too

Discovery comes just days after Web giant was found to be sidestepping the user privacy preferences in Apple's Safari.

By February 20, 2012


The troubling lexicon of texting love

While some are blaming technology for an increase in one night stands, perhaps it's simply the brevity with which people communicate by phone that suggests swift progress to sexual congress.

By February 14, 2012