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Windows 8

Navigate the ins-and-outs of Windows 8 with how-tos, troubleshooting, news, and reviews.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Pro (Upgrade)

Microsoft makes an aggressive, forward-thinking, and bold statement for the future of PCs with Windows 8, and vast security and speed improvements more than justify the $40 upgrade price.

May. 29, 2012

4 stars Editors' rating on Aug. 15, 2012
2 stars User rating out of 329 reviews

Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro (64GB)

The Surface Pro's gutsy design successfully reinvents the Windows 8 laptop by cramming an ultrabook experience into the body of a 10-inch tablet. Those wanting to go all-in on the tablet experience won't regret buying the Surface Pro, but we're holding out for a future, more polished generation of the device.

Jun. 18, 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating on Feb. 5, 2013
4.5 stars User rating out of 39 reviews

Apple Mac Mini (fall 2012)

With or without its new Fusion hybrid drive, Apple finally has a Mac Mini that competes well against mainstream Windows PCs in the same price range.

Sep. 11, 2012

4 stars Editors' rating on Nov. 9, 2012
3 stars User rating out of 2 reviews
Editors' Take

Microsoft Kinect v2 for Windows

A new version of the motion-sensing camera is coming to Windows PCs, copying the design and features of the Xbox One version.

Apr. 2, 2014

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Microsoft Windows 8.1

If you're a dedicated Windows 8 hater, the update to Windows 8.1 isn't going to change your mind. For everyone else, this collection of tweaks, fixes, and new features is useful, but everything here should have shipped in the original version last year.

Jun. 24, 2013

4 stars Editors' rating on Oct. 17, 2013
2.5 stars User rating out of 40 reviews

Microsoft Works 8

Works 8.0 is ideal for technophobes and Luddites who need an extremely simple interface for their home-computing chores.

Jun. 20, 2004

3.5 stars Editors' rating on Sep. 17, 2004

Microsoft Windows 7 (Home Premium)

Windows 7 is more than what Vista should have been, it's where Microsoft needed to go. How much damage Vista did and whether Windows 7 is enough for people to finally abandon Windows XP are questions that nobody has the answers to right now.

Jun. 26, 2009

4.5 stars Editors' rating on Jul. 31, 2009
4 stars User rating out of 3 reviews

Microsoft Windows XP SP2

We recommend installing Windows XP SP2 but only after Microsoft has had a few weeks to work out the kinks.

Aug. 3, 2004

3.5 stars Editors' rating on Aug. 11, 2004

Microsoft Plus for Windows XP

Why pay for a collection of second-rate audio add-ons and desktop decorations when you can find better junk for free on the Web? Skip Plus, unless you're looking for a silly holiday gift for a tech newbie.

Jan. 17, 2003

2 stars Editors' rating on Oct. 24, 2001

Microsoft Windows XP - Professional Upgrade

Despite its many annoyances, XP is a worthwhile upgrade. Unless you need corporate administration tools, XP Home Edition should suffice for most--even for small businesses. Enterprise customers, look to Professional Edition.

Jan. 17, 2003

4 stars Editors' rating on Sep. 4, 2001
5 stars User rating out of 1 reviews