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The Battle of the Clunkers!!!

Get ready to place your bets on these "clunkers" as four trade-in vehicles battle for dead engine supremacy.

By Aug. 14, 2009


Smartphone ads 2010: Clunkers and blockbusters

Some of the best, worst, and most bleah smartphone commercials of the year.

By Dec. 2, 2010


Motolingo brings telematics to clunkers

Motoriety combines car diagnostics data with your smartphone's GPS to give you more data than you thought possible about how you use your car.

By Mar. 22, 2010


My Favorite "Clunkers"

So the American public thinks a car like a Ford Explorer or Chevy Escort is a "clunker"? Well hold on to your steering wheels (ahem, with both hands please) as we take a gander at some of the most notorious automobiles ever made...

By Aug. 31, 2009


Cash for Clunkers: How it works

It's been roughly a month or so since President Obama helped push the controversial "Cash for Clunkers" program through Congress. For those of you who are still hiding under a rock, this helpful video from Kelley Blue Book that explains how this program

By Aug. 10, 2009


Apple offers sleek cachet for clunkers

Apple is making a case for smaller computing.

By Sep. 7, 2009


132: Clunkers program ends with a bang

Clunkers ends with a bang, Toyota is either smarter--or dumber--than other car companies, we'll turn you on to an unintentional collectible car, and yes, FINALLY, we take a ride in the new Camaro!

By Aug. 21, 2009


Maximize your cash for clunkers money

CNET Car Tech reviews six cars that qualify for the maximum cash for clunkers credit.

By Jul. 31, 2009


Meraki announces Cash for Wireless LAN Clunkers program

Meraki announces a program that offers $150 credit toward a new purchase of its wireless-N access point for each legacy wireless access point made by its competitors.

By Sep. 9, 2009


My Favorite "Clunkers": The Ford Pinto Wagon

In the second installment of my video blog series dedicated to cars notoriously regarded universally as "clunker" cars, I take a look at what some inventive mind did to a usually reviled American automobile from the past.

By Sep. 1, 2009