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Identify misdemeanant apps on your iPhone and see what apps are running in memory.

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Yanked iOS app Clueful is back as free Web software

Bitdefender says it is working to get the app back on the App Store.

By August 27, 2012


Clueful scans your iOS apps for privacy behavior

The iOS security app scans what's installed on your device and tells you what kinds of information your apps have access to.

By May 22, 2012


Bitdefender's iOS privacy app yanked from the App Store

The iOS security app Clueful, which scanned apps for privacy policies, has been removed from the App Store after about two months on the market.

By July 19, 2012


Apple gives Flattr micro-payment the thumbs down

The iPhone maker rejects a donation-focused third-party payment system, saying it violates the App Store's terms and conditions. But does it actually have more to do with competition?

By May 28, 2012


Tim Cook gets to know Capitol Hill

In a series of introductory meetings, Apple's CEO sits down with the head honchos of the Senate and House in order to "open up a line of communication."

By May 28, 2012


Microsoft's virus antidote: Ban attachments

Responding to the rash of e-mail viruses that started with Melissa, the company is clamping down on the types of file attachments that will work with Outlook 2002 e-mail.

April 6, 2001