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AMD: Go to 'Barcelona' over 'Clovertown'

Chipmaker predicts that its quad-core chip will outperform Intel's by 40 percent when it ships later this year.

By January 23, 2007


Intel 'Harpertown' chip rules supercomputer list

Intel Xeon processors dominate the semiannual top 500 list overall.

By June 18, 2008


Year in review: Chipmakers trade places

Intel enjoyed improved sales, while AMD did its best to limit the damage during a year plagued by a key product delay.

December 18, 2007


AMD's tough times

The chipmaker had a good run while Intel was more or less sleeping. Now it's time to wake up and smell reality.

By December 17, 2007


AMD's Barcelona not a savior, yet

After a delay, Barcelona is here, but is it the clear winner AMD promised it would be? That's uncertain.

By September 9, 2007


Intel boosts virtualization with quad-core Xeons

Two processors launched this week are designed for high-performance server and workstation applications.

By August 14, 2007


AMD's quad-core 'Barcelona' coming in August

Faster models will arrive in the fourth quarter; first servers using the chips are due in September.

By June 29, 2007


AMD looks for fix during rough year

The next several weeks could dictate whether significant changes are required to get the company back on track and well positioned against Intel.

By June 20, 2007


AMD hopes Barcelona demos whet IT's appetite

The quad-core server chip won't appear until later this year, but AMD's trying to show potential customers the chips are up and running.

By June 4, 2007


AMD shows sunny side of Barcelona

Sure enough, quad-core chips are more powerful than dual-core chips. But it only counts if they are available to buy.

By May 21, 2007