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'Cloverfield' arrives--and it's a scream

The new low-budget monster movie was boosted by a viral marketing campaign in the tradition of The Blair Witch Project and Snakes on a Plane.

By Jan. 18, 2008


New 'Godzilla' already gets my roar of approval

The first full-length trailer for the new "Godzilla" is out, and Crave writer Amanda Kooser, a longtime admirer of the beast, hopes it lives up to its monstrous legacy.

By Feb. 26, 2014


Asus 'Metallic Miracle' teased ahead of Monday debut

Asus is promising a mystery gadget with a Cloverfield-style trailer for Mobile World Congress, which kicks off next week.

By Feb. 20, 2013


The 404 1,134: Where it's safe to drink the water (podcast)

Today we'll cover the iOS 6 post-apocalypse and the users' reaction to the Apple's new Maps application -- what'd they do with the Statue of Liberty!? We'll also watch a Fox 5 NY broadcast of the wrong iPhone, the Internet Archive's new TV News database, and the first Super Mario level 3D-printed as a Mobius strip. How do you type an umlaut?

By Sep. 20, 2012


The 404 018: Where roads, where we're going we don't need roads...

Live episode of The 404 coming at 1:30pm PST / 4:30pm EST. Listen live at our site.

By Jan. 18, 2008


The 404 150: Where Justin apologizes profusely to Sarah Tew

We finally get CNET photographer Sarah Tew into The 404 lair and I screw it all up in the preshow. 'Twas totally unintentional, Ms. Tew, I promise!

By Jul. 28, 2008


What Microsoft wants you to think about the Windows 8 beta

The company took the stage at Mobile World Congress to discuss where where it's headed, with "fast and fluid" its latest self-congratulatory catchphrase.

By Feb. 29, 2012


Game trailers that work: Daredevil Dave (iPhone)

Note to all game developers: Create a trailer as amusing as this one and I'm a lot more likely to buy your game!

By May. 24, 2010


First impressions of a 'Star Trek' virgin

CNET News' Caroline McCarthy went into an advance screening of the new "Star Trek" prequel barely knowing what a Vulcan is. Can a total newbie enjoy this film? Heck, yes.

By Apr. 22, 2009


New movies to hit iTunes same day as DVD

Hollywood studios get in line with Apple to make their films available on the iTunes Store simultaneously with their DVD release.

By May. 1, 2008