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Sony announces cloud-based music service

On the same day Apple displays its digital music dominance, an electronics rival says it'll offer streaming music over the Net.

By September 1, 2010


Comcast blazes its own trail to a superfast Internet future

The nation's largest broadband provider heeds Google's call to make ultrahigh-speed broadband available to the masses. Now it just needs to work out a few details.

By February 5, 2016


Amazon's Cloud Player enters the App Store

More than a year after being announced, the online retailer's cloud-based music player now has a home among iOS devices.

By June 12, 2012


Google Music debuts, with downloads and sharing (live blog)

Google Music is now open to all, offering a cloud-based music locker, downloads and sharing via Google+. Tune in here for live coverage.

By November 16, 2011


RIM unveils music-sharing service for BBM

Dubbed BBM Music, the cloud-based service aims to create an ever-evolving library of music that can be shared with other BBM Music users.

By August 24, 2011


Confused about iTunes Match? Apple tries a new explanation

Apple has launched a new Web page with a step-by-step description of its cloud-based music service, complete with video and FAQ.

By December 28, 2011


Google: Our music service is legal

The company defends its cloud-based music service and says that it was designed to ensure that it does not violate copyrights.

By May 10, 2011


Is Apple cloud music service in new OS X build?

Reports say a service known as Castle, a hidden feature in the latest build of Mac OS X Lion, point to new cloud-based service following the company's rumored purchase of domain name iCloud.com.

By May 2, 2011


Amazon Cloud Drive: Now streaming to iOS

Good news, music lovers: You can now listen to your cloud-based tunes on the go. The bad news: It's a somewhat clunky solution, at least for now.

By May 9, 2011


Microsoft could create the ultimate mobile music service

All the pieces are in place for Windows Phone 7 to deliver all three types of cloud-based music services for mobile: all-you-can-hear subscription, PC-to-device, and online music locker.

By July 14, 2010