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Petitions beg Google to reconsider closure of Reader

Within a few hours of the announcement of the RSS reader's retirement, thousands sign petitions asking that the Web giant save the service.

By March 13, 2013


MegaUpload's closure boosts movie rentals and sales

A new study shows that in the months following the takedown of Kim DotCom's cyberlocker, online movie revenue increased by 6 percent to 10 percent.

By March 7, 2013


Italy threatens Apple with fine, temporary closure

Antitrust authorities allege that Apple failed to inform Italian customers about free two-year warranty as it pushes for-pay tech support contracts.

By July 2, 2012


Apple reminds users of MobileMe closure

Apple's MobileMe service will be shuttered for good on June 30, so be sure to retrieve all of your files from it.

By June 1, 2012


Apple reminds iWork.com users of impending closure

In unifying its online services around iCloud, Apple reminds its users that it will be shuttering its other online services by July 31.

By May 1, 2012


Game trailer: Closure

Closure plays with light and dark elements that players must use to figure out puzzles and advance.

April 20, 2012


Verizon call center closures to affect more than 3,000 jobs

The carrier will shut down or consolidate several of its customer support centers, affecting the jobs of as many as 3,175 employees.

By March 9, 2012


Plant closure could affect MacBook Pro shipments, report says

Taiwan-based chassis supplier Catcher Technology has been forced to close plant facilities in Suzhou, China, after local residents complained of "odors" emanating from factories.

By October 18, 2011


Bomb-making tips, hit list behind Blogetery closure

An FBI investigation uncovered links to al-Qaeda materials on Blogetery's servers, but the feds didn't order Burst.net to shut it down.

By July 19, 2010


Mystery shrouds closures of blog, forum platforms

A blogging platform and a company that hosts message boards were shut down within days of each other and nobody is saying why. Are they linked?

By July 18, 2010