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Borders sale: $60 Kobo Wireless e-reader

During a Borders liquidation sale at one store, the Kobo Wireless e-reader has been spotted with a closeout price of $59.99.

By March 19, 2011


Another Netbook under $300

Prices on an HP Mini-Note are in free fall, most likely a closeout prior to new models being introduced.

By October 25, 2008


Deal of the day: KLH speaker system

This closeout deal saves you $150 off the list price and is the lowest price we found.

By November 18, 2005


Online exchange reinvents the closeout sale

RetailExchange.com builds a marketplace for manufacturers and retailers to trade overstock items, eliminating the need for traditional brokers.

By March 29, 2000


Intel puts Pentium IIIs on sale

The chipmaker continues its closeout on the chips in a bid to usher in its replacement in the desktop PC market: the Pentium 4.

By December 3, 2001