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Ramos alarm clock makes you go to another room to turn it off

Inventors have come up with increasingly annoying alarm clocks designed to get even the heaviest sleeper out of bed. The Ramos clock on Kickstarter may have them all beat.

By February 16, 2012


NPR Tocky clock: Wake up and smell the radio hosts

Annoying alarm clock that's designed to jump off the nightstand and roll around making a racket till you catch it gets slightly less annoying with the addition of preloaded National Public Radio voices.

By November 19, 2011


'Clocky' Valentine: Unclear on the concept

Would anyone really find this a romantic gift?

By February 1, 2008


iQ Alarm Clock annoys you awake

Clock concept bugs you with puzzles as a wake-up call. The prospect of having an Alex Trebek experience every morning may sound unappealing, but it will get the job done.

By March 4, 2011


Rolling Tocky clock wakes incorrigible snoozers

Uh-oh. Clocky, the annoying wheeled clock that rolls away from you and keeps beeping until you chase it down, now has a sibling.

By August 20, 2010


Zeo 'sleep coach' tracks your ZZZs, wakes you up

It doesn't only wake you up in an easy mode. Zeo also wants to be your personal sleep coach--collecting data on your sleep habits and offering a seven-step sleep fitness program.

By June 12, 2009


Flying high with SkyMall

The catalog doesn't always feature the newest of the new, but it still provides great sky-high skimming for gadget hounds.

By July 31, 2008


An alarm clock that should never be built

It would randomly make calls from your cell phone until turned off.

By July 3, 2008


Alas, irritating clock keeps on ticking

One of the world's most annoying gadgets is now available in--wait for it--chrome!

By March 27, 2008


Sony's 'Rolly' goes goth in Japan

Dancing egg gets black 1GB version.

By March 31, 2008