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Apple upgrades iPod Touch with iPhone 6-level camera, chip

The long overdue refresh is the device's first major update since 2012.

By July 15, 2015


Apple kills clickwheel games, R.I.P. iPod Classic?

Apple has removed clickwheel games from iTunes, fanning the flames of rumours that the iPod Classic's time could be up.

By September 30, 2011


So much for mobile only: Flipboard heads to the desktop

Nearly 75 million mobile users have created more than 2 million magazines, and now the the company wants to bring its flips to the Web. CEO Mike McCue recalls a time when Flipboard was just a cardboard cutout of an iPad.

By July 23, 2013


Steve Jobs movie met with 'warm reception' after premier

The first film depicting the life and times of the Apple legend has been met with good feedback, according to reports.

By January 26, 2013


Apple's first and only iOS game goes kaput

Apple has quietly shelved Texas Hold'em, the first and only game it made for its iOS platform. The 2008 software was mainly a pitch to get developers to build things on the iPhone.

By November 17, 2011


iTunes Match arrives, as does a new Apple board member

This week brought iTunes Match, along with a new member of Apple's board. Find out about that, and other top news and rumors, in this week's edition of Apple Talk Weekly.

By November 19, 2011


64GB iPhone incoming, according to tipster

A tipster has leaked information on an incoming 64GB iPhone, meaning more storage space for your movies, music, TV shows and apps.

By October 1, 2011


Purported iPod Touch prototype sports new home button

Photos of what could be an unreleased version of the iPod Touch have appeared online today. Two interesting changes: a touch-sensitive home button and double the memory of the current version.

By April 5, 2011


Down the Dumper: iPod classic and Nintendo Wii eliminated in Greatest Gadget quarter finals

Round three of our Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century tournament has drawn to a close, and now we're wandering the battlefield, counting the dead.

By November 29, 2010


All Apple news

A new streaming Apple TV arrives with Netflix as predicted, iOS 4.1 comes with HDR photography and GameCenter, and new iPod Nanos drop the iconic clickwheel.

By September 2, 2010