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Questions mount as Facebook advertisers lose to clickbots

A relationship with a startup sours when 80 percent of pay-per-click ad traffic turns out to be costly, invalid traffic. The issue may not be isolated. Is Facebook doing enough to solve the problem?

By August 2, 2012


Blame bots for $1.5B in wasted ad spend this year

Solve Media says 10 percent of all online traffic is generated by bots, which hurt publishers and advertisers by generating fake ad clicks and false user accounts.

By October 1, 2012


Another tough week for Facebook

week in review Facebook stock hits new lows as the company struggles to please investors. Also: Apple and Samsung go at it in court, and Twitter takes an Olympic misstep.

By August 3, 2012


Google settlement or not, click fraud won't go away

Planned $90 million settlement may end lawsuit against search behemoth, but it won't end problem for Net advertisers.

By April 10, 2006