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Chrome's Voice extension enables click and call

Google's update lets people call phone numbers directly from the browser by turning them into clickable links.

By January 23, 2010


Jaxtr makes click-to-call really, really simple (updated)

A new click-to-call service launching soon gives the person being called a lot of control over who can reach them.

By December 14, 2006


Calling all Macs: Why OS X Yosemite is your iPhone's new best friend

Here's how Apple's new feature to field iPhone calls on the Mac will work, and why you should care.

By June 10, 2014


Google directs 'relevant ads' to Maps

Not a fan of the new Google Maps apps for Android and iOS? Chances are, you're not going to like the new after-search ads in the apps, either.

By August 8, 2013


Ads on iPhone make the most money for advertisers, says report

Apple's iOS devices are the most user-friendly devices and generate the most traffic for ads, according to a report from Opera Software.

By July 19, 2012


iPad, iPod Touch get Google Voice

The Google Voice app expands to iPad and iPod Touch, with a workaround to help place calls on these nonphone devices.

By December 14, 2010


More apps for Windows Phone 7 detailed

Twitter, Netflix, OpenTable, Travelocity, and Flixster are among the third-party programs coming this year. Microsoft also touts its own bid-based ad exchange, phone developer tools.

By September 16, 2010


Vlingo's SuperDialer aims to be an Android 411

Voice-command app Vlingo adds a new feature to its Android software, which lets you search for and call business listings with your voice.

By July 15, 2010


Google I/O keynote day 2: Android day (live blog)

This is the one you've been waiting for. Come back here Thursday at 8:30 a.m. PDT for live coverage of the second day of Google I/O, which is supposed to be all about Android.

By May 20, 2010


Call more businesses from Google on your smartphone

Google expands its click-to-call program for mobile advertisers, now letting them post national numbers in addition to local digits.

By March 2, 2010