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Earthlink to acquire regional carrier ITC Deltacom

Internet provider Earthlink to pay $516 million to merge with ITC Deltacom, a regional carrier in the Southeast.

By October 1, 2010


Researchers model nano-sized world--with Legos

You, too, can build scale models of submicroscopic fields!

By September 2, 2009


Apple, Google Voice, and number portability

Is Apple blocking Google Voice to help the carriers beat number portability? Phone numbers need to be abstracted from carrier services for continued innovation.

By August 4, 2009


Bandwidth.com's investment in FreePBX paying dividends

Bandwidth.com's strategy of investing in the open-source FreePBX telephony project seems to be paying great dividends.

By August 4, 2009


Carnival atmosphere in security

Permanent Privacy just announced a $1 million prize to the person who can crack its algorithm and uncover the underlying encryption keys. I'm not a big fan of security showmanship like this from unknown security start-ups.

By July 8, 2008


Verizon exemption could make businesses pay

Broadband deregulation could cause higher prices for Verizon's business customers and eliminate competition, say critics.

By March 22, 2006


FCC to hammer out new DSL rules

The FCC delayed its monthly meeting on Thursday to work on new regulatory rules for DSL service.

By August 4, 2005


CLECs: Back from the dead?

David Hadley and Sean Dohertyexplain why some competitive local exchange carriers may stage a Lazarus-like revival after two years of carnage in the telecommunications business.

January 30, 2003


VoIP firms battle California regulators

Internet telephony companies are fighting efforts by the California Public Utilities Commission to apply traditional telephone rules and taxes to their services.

By October 24, 2003


Counting down to VoIP

Net2Phone CEO Stephen Greenberg tells CNET News.com why it will take another 12 to 18 months before voice over IP technology really takes off.

By September 9, 2003