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ClearSpeed expands math accelerator line

The company's new math accelerator cards can plug into a wider range of servers for high-performance computing.

By May 1, 2007


Tilera's balancing act: 100 cores vs. market realities

A new family of CPUs from Tilera with 16 to 100 cores per chip will set new complexity records for general-purpose microprocessors. It will also teach a lesson about what "general purpose" means.

By November 2, 2009


ClearSpeed boosts IBM cluster performance

IBM's System Cluster 1350 is getting a floating-point boost from a specialized co-processor developed by ClearSpeed.

By June 26, 2006


Intel readies massive multicore processors

Researchers work to mask intricate functionality of up-to-80-core chips, so hardware and software makers can more easily adapt to them.

By June 14, 2007


Intel shows off 80-core processor

The chip unveiled at IDF works, but there are a lot of hurdles to overcome before an 80-core chip shows up in a living room.

By February 11, 2007


IBM clusters get fresh hardware options

Big Blue plans to tap ClearSpeed accelerator cards and Cell processor-powered blade servers.

By October 31, 2006


Intel opens up chip connections

Company announces two moves that will let others connect their accelerator processors tightly to Intel's chips.

By September 27, 2006


IBM to build Opteron-Cell hybrid supercomputer

AMD chips in Los Alamos lab's Roadrunner system to be augmented with the PlayStation's processing brains.

By September 5, 2006


Start-up lures Sun supercomputing researcher

Semiconductor company ClearSpeed names John Gustafson its chief technology officer of high-performance computing.

By September 6, 2005


Intel expands core concept for chips

If two processor cores are better than one, the chip giant figures four, eight and even hundreds must be better still.

By December 17, 2004