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Feds declare that Google's self-driving car is its own driver

In a letter to Google, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration determined that the computer piloting Google's self-driving cars can be considered a driver, for purposes of the car's control placement.

By February 9, 2016


eBay, PayPal asked to explain robocall policies

The New York attorney general's office wants some clarification on the companies' new policies over concerns that they may violate US law.

By June 11, 2015


Clarification: Xbox One profit margin

Although this story correctly cited the retail price ($499) and the manufacturing cost ($471) of the Xbox One, it inadvertently misstated the relationship between those dollar values. The manufacturing cost is, of course, $28 lower than the retail price.

By November 26, 2013


Intel offers clarification on 'Ivy Bridge' chip delay

Chip giant says that reports of an eight-week delay are "inaccurate." It's actually just a "few weeks."

By February 27, 2012


Facebook policy change may open ad front against Google

It's a clarification, not a major change, says Facebook. But it's also a shot across Google's bow.

By May 11, 2012


Report: Aliens might destroy us because of our gases

This story has been changed to reflect the fact that it wrongly identified the report as having originated at NASA. One of the report's authors has provided a clarification.

By August 19, 2011


Playboy to offer Web subscription service

This story initially followed Hefner's lead and misreported the nature of the Playboy offering. It has since been updated with clarification from Playboy.

By January 19, 2011


Facebook differs with Google on Net neutrality

Although it says a recently released statement on Net neutrality is a clarification of existing policy, rather than a reaction to the Google-Verizon proposal, it's telling that Facebook doesn't take Google's stance.

By August 11, 2010


BP tussles with latest bid to contain oil spill

As tricky undersea efforts to stanch the flow of oil continue, the Obama administration demands "immediate public clarification" about BP's intentions on paying costs tied to the accident.

By May 15, 2010


MacFixIt Answers

This week we have questions asking for clarification on our previous article about account and group associations and more.

By March 22, 2010