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Mercedes-Benz's vision for the city bus involves lots of autonomy

It's rather fetching...for a bus.

By July 18, 2016

Trade show

Vexed in the City

This CNET special report examines the controversy gripping San Francisco as a massive influx of techies feeds an unprecedented economic boom -- and backlash.


This is Mercedes-Benz's vision for the future of the city bus

The Mercedes-Benz Future Bus is a look at the next generation of public transportation, complete with autonomous features.

20 Images By July 19, 2016


You may soon do your Citi banking with Amazon's Alexa

Citigroup is reportedly testing the use of Amazon's digital assistant in its mobile banking app.

By June 27, 2016


Google Fiber buys Webpass to speed up broadband deployment in cities

The purchase of a company that delivers wireless high-speed broadband should help Google Fiber build its 1Gbps network quicker and for less money.

By June 23, 2016


Thirty Helens agree: Smart-city technology can change our lives for the better

A new study from Mobileye suggests that Americans are excited to bring more technology into our commutes, as it can solve problems that have plagued us for years.

By June 22, 2016


Tesla adds solar to its portfolio through SolarCity acquisition

In what Elon Musk termed a "no-brainer," Tesla Motors has made an offer to acquire solar panel installer SolarCity.

By June 21, 2016


Cities worldwide join forces to write rulebook for Uber and Airbnb

The newly formed alliance will be led by the mayors of New York and Paris.

By June 21, 2016


Ancient, hidden cities uncovered by lasers in Cambodia's jungle

The vast cityscapes had been lost to the jungle for centuries, but that's before helicopter-mounted lasers came along.

By June 13, 2016


Rivals: City sedans face-off on San Francisco's hilly streets

The Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Corolla take to the streets, showing how these little sedans can handle the modern urban environment.

By June 2, 2016


Ceci n'est pas une autoroute: Paris bans pre-1997 cars in city center

It's only on the weekdays, and it sadly includes classic cars, but it could go a long way in reducing Paris' pollution problem.

By May 31, 2016